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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use a different power supply such as a battery?

A: While it is possible, it isn't recommended. The Mouse amplifier uses a 30-volt DC supply and can be damaged by voltages in excess of this. A nominal 30-volt SLA battery string (15 cells) is closer to 35 volts fully charged which could cause damage to the circuit. If you use a power supply other than the one supplied with the amplifier, be sure to observe correct polarity, don't exceed 30 VDC, and install a fuse no larger than 5 amperes slow-blow in series with the positive lead.

Q: Can the amplifier be bridged for more power?

A: No. Each channel is already a two-channel power chip bridged to monaural. It can not be bridged further.

Q: Does the amplifier invert the phase of the input signal?

A: No. Each channel is configured as a non-inverting amplifier. If you need to invert the absolute phase, simply interchange the (+) and (-) speaker wires on each channel.

Q: How do I set up bi-amping?

A: Use one amplifier per speaker in a "vertical" setup. Connect one channel to the low-frequency terminals and another to the high-frequency terminals of each speaker. The speakers must be designed for bi-amplification, with removable straps between the low-frequency and high-frequency driver terminals. Remove the straps. Use RCA "Y" adapters to connect both channels of each amplifier to one channel of your source.

Q: Can I get an amplifier with no volume control for use with a preamplifier?

A: Assembled amplifiers can be ordered with the volume control omitted and jumpered for use as a power amplifier only. The control of your choice (Panasonic or ALPS) and knob will be supplied loose. As the front-panels are pre-made there will be a hole where the volume control shaft would normally be. Another choice is to order the unit with volume control installed and simply leave it at full volume which effectively removes it from the circuit.

Q: What are the sonic differences between the Panasonic and ALPS controls?

A: The ALPS control has physically larger resistance elements and better tracking at low levels between channels which may result in better left-right balance if you use the unit at low volume.

Q: What are the input capacitors and can I substitute a different type?

A: The input capacitors are a quality film type, Bennic or Illinois MWR. There is limited space within the case for physically large capacitors. Values between 2 and 4 microfarads are suitable, and any voltage rating above 10 volts is fine. If using polarized electrolytics such as Black Gate, the positive terminal should be towards the Tripath controller chip.

Q: Help! The amplifier won't turn off!

A: On a few samples, there is a bit of residual "flash" inside the power switch mechanism. Depress the power switch to the ON position and slide your finger off of the button to allow it to snap back out. This should fix the problem.

Q: What's wrong? The amplifier sounds eerily hollow and distorted.

A: The speakers are connected incorrectly. The output terminals are somewhat unconventional in their orientation and labeling. Each channel connects horizontally, in line with the input jacks as shown on the back panel label. If you connect each speaker top-to-bottom you will only hear the difference between the left and right inputs which has that strange hollow sound. Reconnect the speakers with each channel left-to-right.

Q: Can I use the Mouse with headphones?

A: Not with conventionally-wired headphones. The amplifier has a balanced differential output. This means that the "minus" terminals for each channel are just as actively driven as the "plus" terminals. Tying them together as is done with headphones having a common sleeve on the standard jack will short both channels together, a bad thing to do.

Q: Can I use the amplifier on 240 volts?

A: Yes. The power supply will operate from 100 to 240 volts without modification. The power connector is a standard "IEC 320" type as found on most computer equipment so all you may need is a cord that fits the mains outlets in your country.

Q: Do you ship to my area?

A: We ship worldwide. Shipping costs to your country will be automatically calculated at checkout.

Q: I live in a country other than the United States. Will you declare a lower value than the purchase price so that I can avoid paying import duties?

A: No. Please do not ask. This would not be honest. It would also prevent us from insuring the product at full value against loss or damage in transit.

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